IPO Mentoring

Preparing corporate entities to get listed on local and international Stock Exchanges
through appropriate offerings to public investors.:

• Assess the current status of a corporate entity to list / go public.
• Review of its accounting and financial management practices.
• Review of its Board constitution and Governance practices.
• Overview of its compliance culture.
• Identification of the real purpose or aspirations to become a Listed entity and help take appropriate decisions.
• Prepare the owners/promoters and key personnel to understand the expected changes in their conduct and functioning after Listing.
• Determine the timing of the public issue ( Listing).
• Assist in identifying the Exchange and segment where the Listing will take place.
• Assist in selection of appropriate Investment Banker/ Merchant Banker.
• Act as an intermediary between the Corporate entity and the Investment Banker and ensure better coordination
• Explain and relate the jargons used by Investment Bankers and assist the Entity to take informed decisions rather than leave everything to the Investment Banker.
• Assist in valuation of the company to determine the issue price ( bands)
• Assist in enabling the potential Listed Entity to understand all the responsibilities and obligations that are attached to a Listed entity.
• Post listing obligations: This will be a continuous exercise till the Entity is reasonably conversant with all the Listing related responsibilities, periodical as well as statutory.
•Assist the Listed entity in appreciating appropriate corporate communication formalities and to put in place adequate and effective channels of communication which shall be in line with the Regulations and accepted practices.

Other Listing related matters in respect of Companies Act: Listing compliance, suspension, delisting, buy back, Mergers and Amalgamation